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Building PyCrypto-2.5 using MinGW and Python 2.7 on Windows XP

Hi there! It took me some time to figure this out. I hope this page provides the info that you require. What I wanted to do was to install PyCrypto ( on Windows XP. Due to law restrictions, the PyCrypto … Continue reading

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Setup Python 2.7.2 and MinGW on Windows XP

This post demonstrates how to setup and configure Python 2.7.2 and MinGW on Windows XP. MinGW Installation You can get the MinGW installer from here. When you run it, please select ‘download latest repository catalogues’. Next you select a folder … Continue reading

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Increase Firefox browsing security

Even some of my most frequently used web sites, like google search, youtube and Dutch news websites are getting on my nerves. To give you an example; yesterday I noticed that youtube served Scientology advertisements in between songs I was … Continue reading

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The new years post

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say I’m quite late with posting the first post for 2012. I guess the all the holidays and getting unemployed are the biggest reasons for not staying in touch. Anyway, so there it is… … Continue reading

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Obtaining a proper list of installed packages on Red Hat

On Red Hat Enterprise Linux there is the rpm command to install and query packages. Of course this command is also available on Red Hat derivatives as CentOS, Fedora and more. However standard use of the rpm command will show … Continue reading

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A memorable quote

I say never be complete. I say stop being perfect. I say let’s evolve. Let the chips fall where they may. – Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk

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Using pidstat to gather process statistics

Pidstat is a statistics report tool for Linux which is part of the sysstat utilities. You can capture the CPU and memory utilization easily for processes. You can use PID’s and even regular expressions on the process names to filter … Continue reading

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Arch Linux Sick Beard init script

Sick Beard is a nice open source PVR for newsgroup users which keeps track of your favourite TV shows. The website is located here. The source is available at github. I noticed that there are a lot of strange init … Continue reading

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