The new years post

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say I’m quite late with posting the first post for 2012. I guess the all the holidays and getting unemployed are the biggest reasons for not staying in touch. Anyway, so there it is… I’m looking for a new job and went on holiday twice. It was so nice being abroad together with my girlfriend and celebrate NYE in one of Europe’s most beautiful country, Ireland! Our destination was Belfast and later we moved by train to Dublin. Belfast is full of signs (murals) depicting the long lasting (historical) troubles between Irish Catholics and Protestants / Loyalists. Belfast is quite small compared to major cities, but very nice and friendly inhabitants.

Furthermore, I went on my first holiday ever in Austria. It lasted just a bit more than a week, but I was shocked that I never discovered the beauty and fun of seeing Europe’s mountains and do some snowboarding. I picked up the technique of snowboarding fast, but after 3,5 days of fun I flipped over and broke my upper arm bone. This hurts like hell, but it’s getting better. Only getting up in the morning at 5AM in agonising pain is just such a major bummer.

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